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Sebastian J.

Amazing new gym. The attention to detail is second to none. I commute from the east village – Super easy to reach via train. The roof access is phenomenal, they have all the equipment you could ever hope for, plus a sauna and juice bar. 🙂

Aliki H.
Beautiful new gym in LIC!! I highly recommend checking out their facility. Super clean, modern and the personal trainers are so friendly. You also have to check out their rooftop that has a sauna, cold plunge tubs, lounging area and lots of open space to do your own thing.
Andy T.
AMAZING Rooftop sauna with spectacular views! so cool. Group class and instructors are Great! Truly an incredible facility with professional staff to assist you. So thrilled a gym like this opened here in our neighborhood.
Arther T.
What an awesome gym! I took a class with Sarah. She is the best kettlebell instructor that I’ve ever had. The gym is clean, and there is state of the art equipment.
The staff was friendly and very professional. I definitely recommend the gym to anyone who wants to get a good workout with very knowledgeable instructors!
Ethan D.
These guys really did an outstanding job. The facility is gorgeous and they truly make a curated experience for whatever your fitness goals are. Highly recommend to anyone serious about getting in shape.
Syed H.
Excellent gym, very different and unique and has a lot to offer. Very clean and organized. Staff is respectful and welcoming. Music and speakers are dope. Has a green rooftop available for workouts and classes!
Greg T.
Best gym I’ve ever been to. The staff are all incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. It’s hard not to spend all day here.
“Hendrick has the best energy! Great instruction, great workout and great class overall! 

“Greg is INCREDIBLE – he brings top energy, has the best playlists, and engages everyone. Anyone from any fitness level or background will love his classes! Aneva is a top tier facility – love that they also provide recovery tools and space! Will definitely be back!” 

“Sarah is so helpful in pointing out the correct form and pushing you to add more challenge. Definitely plan on coming back again. Also, a great gym facility overall :)- “