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Who We Are

Our Story

ANEVA. To Rise.

This Greek word has meaning on many levels and in so many ways.  Spiritual, Physical, Mental.  ANEVA was developed to give people the ability to Rise in every one of these facets.  The space was curated in order to assist in achieving that Rise.

We are a facility specializing in the Rise of our clients through training and guided recovery. Our location is split into three different experiences. For your Physical Rise we offer functional training, small group training, and personal training on our ground floor.  For your Spiritual Rise, we have an outdoor workout space where classes include team building, Yoga, and Guided Meditation.  For your Mental Rise we offer a sauna, cold plunges, and workspace area.

We are traditional in our mentality but progressive in our approach.  Our fitness professionals operate as an Ikogenia (Family), empathetic to our clients needs and collaborative in their assessments.  As an Ikogenia we celebrate our clients wins and ensure they have the tools and knowledge to succeed.

At ANEVA we want to see our Ikogenia Rise together.

Our Mission

Learn, Train, Recover. These three elements hold true in all aspects of life: Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. One must first learn, then apply what they learn to train, and ultimately recover from the stress of training. At ANEVA we believe that our positive impact on our members and our ecosystem will come from these three basic words. We want to embolden our members to feel they can take on any task with ease and confidence by employing wide-ranging modalities to holistically train their mind and body to accomplish their goals. Our elite Corps of Coaches will work in tandem, guided by the latest technology and training principles, to elevate our clients athletically, aesthetically, and mentally. This program evolution is backed by a facility designed to ensure that our clientele has every option available to guide them on their journey.

In order to better equip our clientele with the proper knowledge, our Core will be given the tools to do just that. Parallel to our clients’ experience, they will be nurtured and developed so they are up to date with the latest certifications, training, programming, and technology. Outside of our facility, we will reach out to the surrounding area to support and nurture young adults so that they may have the proper foundational knowledge of training that they can carry on to any athletic endeavor. Charitable efforts will also be a foundation of ANEVA. Events, fundraisers, and competitions will be organized for charitable causes. At ANEVA we believe that all fitness is for everyone. The ANEVA Method is a holistic one connecting all facets of fitness and recovery to provide our ecosystem with pangaea, one combined effort from a diverse fitness community. At ANEVA the world of fitness is in your hands.


Aneva is located in Long Island City across the Queensboro Bridge. Surrounded by a vibrant and upcoming community, we are accessible by train, bridge, or bike, and are within walking distance from Manhattan.